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Absolute Studios Jamaica FAQ

Do you provide the raw files?

No, we only deliver our finished product to our clients. All of the images from your session goes through a standard process to improve the lighting, contrast, sharpness, color, etc. — all of which is a standard process for our digital photography. Therefore, we do not provide the unedited RAW images.

Do you watermark your images?

Yes, however, ultimately clients have the option whether their copy is watermarked or not. 

Will I have sole ownership of the images/vides created?

You are granted permission to use the images for personal use. However, unless you have received permission from Absolute Studios or granted sole ownership of the images you are not permitted to use them for commercial purposes. 

What if there is inclement weather for the scheduled session?

Jamaica has some of the most amazing venues and locations for photography and videography, but it’s imminent that the weather may not always work in our favor. The best way to combat this is to be prepared! Have a back-up location for your ceremony or a tent in case of rain, provide umbrellas for guests and, if nothing else, just roll with the punches! Umbrellas can make for some fun photos, even if it is a little drizzly outside.

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