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Absolute Studios Jamaica Policies

If you are unsure how these policies apply to you, please contact our Head of Communications, CAMIELLE HENRY at


To confirm a session you are required to pay the %50 non-refundable deposit to the account specified by Absolute Studios. This payment must be made at least 7 days prior to the date and time agreed upon by both party.

Absolute Studios will not reserve a date or time without first receiving at least the minimum (non-refundable) down payment of %50. 

Your session balance is due immediately upon completion of your session.


  • Your estimated delivery time begins 18 hours after you have completed selecting your images.

  • Estimated delivery time for FREE DELIVERY are subject to change by an increase of up to 3 working days without notice due to peak seasons, or high delivery volume.

Guarantee Policy

Satisfaction Guarantee:  If you are not satisfied with your images, please notify us at the time of your viewing session. A re-shoot will be scheduled at no cost to you. Subject must wear the same clothing and be photographed at the same location.

If a re-shoot is desired, images from the first session will be permanently deleted no longer available for viewing or usage. If you are displeased with the re-shoot, your non-refundable deposit will be refunded with no obligation. All images from the session will be purged after a non-refundable deposit has been refunded.

Number of Revisions

Unless stated otherwise, the client is entitled to 3 stages of refinements. Furthermore, any additional work beyond the paid for will result in an added billing to the invoice.

Out of Scope

If the scope of the project is altered, Absolute Studios reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to amend the launch date to accommodate the changes to the project. Absolute Studios also maintains the right to decline any work not detailed in the original quote requested.


Customers are required to show of all transactions made to Absolute Studios.


Valid proof of payment includes:

  • Screenshot of soft copy receipt.

  • Mobile Image of hard copy receipt.

  • Email or Whatsapp of PDF receipt.


Customers who choose to make a deposit using the Cash-on-pickup option will receive hard copy receipt as their proof of payment.

Acceptable forms of payment includes:

  • Bank transfer

  • Cash-on-pickup

Rescheduling & Cancellation

Absolute Studios reserves the right to reschedule any session due to photographer illness, personal emergency,  inclement weather, or any other unforeseen undesirable conditions. 

Clients Reserve the right to re-schedule any portrait session at no rescheduling fee providing the client do so with one week PRIOR notice to the photographer or Absolute Studios and has received a signed acknowledgement from management via email  or direct message.  Clients can also request the rescheduling of a session due to inclement weather or unforeseen illness.

Session Termination

Should the contract be terminated by either party, and bills are not settled, all work legally belongs to Absolute Studios, and the client is not permitted to use any of the images or videos of the session for personal or business use. Furthermore, in this event, any individual including the client is not permitted to recreate the ideas or designs that have been created by Absolute Studios.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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